From 2011 beginnings

Timely was originally founded in 2011 by three Kiwi entrepreneurs (Andrew Schofield, Ryan Baker and William Berger) who saw an opportunity to help service businesses with their booking management. They gathered a passionate team and trusted them to grow a product guided by customer feedback.

Today, Timely provides booking and client management software to over 55,000 amazing hair and beauty professionals around the world. Along the way, we’ve been welcomed into the EverCommerce family and joined forces with the legendary folks at SalonBiz in North America. Together, we form the EverCommerce Global Wellness team.

There’s been a lot of growth, but we haven’t lost touch with our roots. We’re still focused on our mission to make life better for people in the hair and beauty industry, and we’ve held tight to the values that make Timely a pretty special place to work.


Our values

We believe values should be more than slogans on the wall. In a fast-growing remote-working company, our values are what unite us and they impact everything we do.


Be Kind
We treat people with kindness, dignity and respect. We communicate honestly both when we recognise success, and when we offer feedback.

Work Flexibly with Accountability
Work and life should compliment each other. We focus on outcomes and embrace the flexibility of working however suits you.

Value Diversity & Create Belonging
Diverse teams build better products & better organisations. We believe in creating a safe environment to be yourself.

Empower Our Customers
Our customers are at the heart of our decisions. We aim to simplify and empower their lives, and are successful when our customers are too.

Focus on Continuous Growth
We don’t always get it right the first time, but we learn. We better ourselves, both professionally and personally.

Succeed Together
We win as a team, fail as a team, and grow as a team. Teamwork makes us better.

Thrive in Change
Change is constant. We welcome fresh ideas and push ourselves out of our comfort zone to benefit from new opportunities.


Diversity, Equity and inclusion at Timely


Timely has been a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) from day one. We’ve always believed that everyone has the right to feel like they belong. We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, bias toward sexual orientation or religion, or any violation of basic human rights or threats to civil liberties in the workplace.  

We’re on a journey to building an even more diverse, equitable & inclusive future for our team, customers, and wider community. We’ve put in place a lot of initiatives to make that happen, including becoming a member of Diversity Works New Zealand (the national body for workplace DEI). And we’re not done yet!


“We’re committed to fostering a globally inclusive business. Where we actively seek out diverse perspectives, learn from our differences, and create a sense of belonging – both at Timely, and for the businesses we serve.”



Mary Haddock-Staniland
SVP of Global DEIB & People APAC EMEA at EverCommerce



We work together remotely from all around the world

We’re a team of over 180 remote workers – and part of the EverCommerce group of 2,800 – spread across the globe. Our value of ‘Work Flexibly with Accountability’ means we trust our team to balance their work and personal priorities and they’re free to choose where they work – whether that’s from home, one of our offices, or a mix of both.