From 2011 beginnings

Timely was founded on December the 13th 2011, by Andrew Schofield, Ryan Baker and William Berger. Prior to Timely, Ryan and Andrew built BookIt — a booking engine for the New Zealand tourism industry. In 2010, BookIt was acquired by Fairfax and became the software behind the travel division of Trade Me, New Zealand‘s largest ecommerce site. During this time we were asked by a lot of small business owners if we could provide a similar solution for other industries like clinics, salons, gyms, trades and so on. There was clearly a lot of pain being experienced, with existing solutions being cumbersome and expensive. So, we built Timely — simple, affordable and reliable appointment software for small businesses. As Timely has grown, we’ve zeroed in on the beauty community, our biggest and happiest group of customers. In July 2021, Timely was acquired by EverCommerce Inc. EVCM.


Our values unite us

In a fast-growing remote-working company, our values are what unite us and help align our energy as a group. We believe in what we’re doing, and who we’re doing it for. Check out our code of conduct here.



Diversity and inclusion is in our DNA at Timely


We want people to feel like they belong, no matter what their relationship is to Timely.

It’s important to us that people use Timely not just because it’s an amazing product, but because we walk the talk, and live our values.

We’re passionate about making our team members feel valued and celebrated; no matter who they are, what they do, or where they come from.


“We’re committed to fostering a globally inclusive business. Where we actively seek out diverse perspectives, learn from our differences, and create a sense of belonging – both at Timely, and for the businesses we serve.”



Mary Haddock-Staniland
SVP of Culture and Inclusion


Our strategic pillars





We’re a team of over 130 remote workers, spread across the globe.

We recognise that some folks prefer to work from home, some prefer an office and some prefer a mix of both. Our “work from anywhere” model caters for all preferences – the choice is yours. We know there’s no substitute for face to face time, so we make sure we get together regularly for a good ol’ catch-up.