Fish has been in the hair industry for over 30 years and she runs a well-established salon, Fish Hairdressing in Albany. Fish was using another web-based appointment system, but made the switch to Timely. It was love at first sight.

Easy for the salon

Our salon is always busy and we needed a system that was really easy for us to use. Timely has a modern and uncluttered interface that we find very easy to use. On a day-to-day basis the system is fast and responsive when we need to add or move an appointment. If we are on the move, we still get notification of new appointments by email and SMS which is very handy.

“Timely has a modern and uncluttered interface that we find very easy to use.”

Easy for the customers

With our previous system we had a problem with customers having to remember passwords in order to be able to book. We knew we were missing out on appointments, but didn’t know how many until we put in the new Timely system.

The number of online appointments we receive has increased signifcantly and customers have commented on how easy it is for them to book online or from their mobile phones.

Easy for our web designer

We recently had a new website built and the last thing we wanted was to have a whole lot of extra costs to add an online booking function. Timely provided a simple Book Now widget that our web designer was able to drop in to our pages. Our old booking system used to take people away from our website, but with Timely the customers stay on our website and make their booking, which is a much better customer experience.

About Fish Hairdressing

Fish Hairdressing in Albany provides regular and new clientele with a friendly and professional service in cutting and colouring. The salon is unisex and caters for all age groups. Check out the Fish Hairdressing website.

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