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Timely makes it easy to grow clients, save time and build your business.

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Megan from Insight Creative

Beautifully simple to use

Timely has a brilliant calendar that helps organise your business, staff and clients. It’s easy to keep everything on track.

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3 ways Timely helps your business succeed

Timely software can handle a series of bookings

Book & sell

Timely can handle all kinds of bookings, repeat bookings, multiple services, products, PoS and much more. Did we mention invoicing and online payments?

Timely software has automated reminders built-in


Automatic SMS and email reminders help reduce no-shows by up to 50%, saving you time and money.

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Timely's visual reports help you see the health of your business

Know your numbers

Timely’s reporting system gives an overview of your business, financials, staff utilization, booking analysis and more.

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Timely works from the cloud

This means your data is secure, backed-up, and you
don’t need any to buy new hardware or devices.

How it works

Tick iconThe Timely tickTrusted with millions of bookings

Timely is used by thousands of people in over 50 countries.

Megan from Insight Creative

“Because Timely is so easy to understand I found the switch over easy and trouble free.”
Insight Creative

Lucy from Lucy Warren Pilates

“There are no more double bookings, and hardly any no-shows now that we use Timely. It's great for business.”
Lucy Warren
Lucy Warren Pilates

Renata from Wax Etc

“Timely is just as easy to use as say Twitter or Facebook, that’s how simple the layout is.”
Renata Viglioni
Wax Etc

We give sensational support

A few members of the Timely team

Our team is famous for providing amazing help when it’s needed. Timely support is fast, friendly and free! We listen to what you say, and our techies add new features to Timely relentlessly.

Friendly terms & fair pricing

Starting at $19/month

SMS/TXT messages are priced from just 9 cents. Timely won't cost you a fortune.


Free for 30 days

The best way to see what Timely can do is to try it out. Give it a go – you won't regret it.

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We Customers & Service

You own your data, there are no fixed-term contracts, and we’re here to help.


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